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HC325 Replacement Water Chamber for HC100/150 Humidifiers

HC325 Replacement Water Chamber for HC100/150 Humidifiers

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Purchase of the product DOES NOT require a CPAP prescription.

This HC325 Replacement water chamber is used in conjunction with the Fisher & Paykel HC150 heated humidifiers. The HC325 is aslo compatible with the HC100 Humidifier. The part number for this water chamber is HC325.

Fisher Paykel HC 325 Water Chamber for Fisher Paykel HC 150 Heated Humidifiers should replaced every 6 months. The HC150 is a stand alone heated humidifier or otherwise knows as a passover humidifier. There are 2 ports on this water chamber, one port from the humidifier to the CPAP machine and one port connects to hose and mask.

HC325 Water Chamber Compatible Humidifiers

  • HC100 Humidifier
  • HC150 Stand Alone Humidifier
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