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If you have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea your doctor may recommend treatment in the form of a CPAP machine. In many cases, it's your best chance at regaining control over your sleep and waking up feeling refreshed again in the morning. If a CPAP machine is something that is completely new to you, here is some information that may help you get used to the idea of sleeping in a different way.

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What is a CPAP Machine?
A CPAP machine is a continuous positive airway pressure machine that helps a person suffering from sleep apnea with breathing during their sleep. It works by steadily sending a constant air pressure into the throat so that the airway has no chance of collapsing when taking a breath. As an added bonus it also lessens snoring, which is great for both the person suffering from sleep apnea and for a partner that is sharing the bed.

This type of machine comes with a small tank that is filled with water and a filter. There's a tube that runs from a mask to the unit. The mask is worn on the face during sleep and it is kept in place with a chin strap.

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While most CPAP machines come with a mask that is worn over the mouth and nose, there are masks available that only cover the nose. There are also CPAP machines that come with prongs that are placed into the nose. When you get the machine the provider can help you with the settings based on your doctor's recommendations. From this point on, any adjustments may be made as necessary to help you feel more comfortable.

While there is usually a bit of an adjustment as far as getting used to the machine and sleeping with it, most people are able to get used to it very quickly. This is especially true since the machine allows a person to have a good night's sleep once again so that he can feel refreshed in the morning.

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