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Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal CPAP System

Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal CPAP System

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The Eson 2 Nasal CPAP masks with masks from F&P is an updated version of the Eson masks, which features a slim frame and masks combination. The RollFit seal is lighter than the previous style and continues to move with the user as sleep positions change in the night. The eco-friendly diffuser is added to the masks in order to reduce noise upon exhalation.


  • Updated RollFit Cushion
  • Open View masks Frame
  • Easy-to-Fit masks
  • Eco-Friendly Noise Reduction

Updated RollFit Cushion

F&P's original Eson masks is known for its RollFit seal. The adaptive design glides over the bridge of the nose to accommodate changes in sleep position throughout the night. With attention to helping maintain a strong seal regardless of motion, the masks is intended to prevent leaks and nasal sores.

F&P's Eson 2 has a slimmer seal which accommodates various facial structures, helping to create the best fit. The cushion size does not impact comfort, as the design features a more supportive technology.

Open View masks Frame

The Eson 2 masks covers less surface than the original design, which was already considered slim. The frame's ease of motion and a secure fit are further advantages of the RollFit technology. Also, the full motion elbow moves in 360 degrees, potentially decreasing issues such as masks drag.

The frame is designed to fit all 3 cushions: Small, Medium, and Large. If the cushion in the selected size is not ideal, remove the cushion and try one of the other sizes. Please Note: This package does not contain all 3 cushion sizes. In order to try different sizes, the cushions must be purchased separately.

Easy-to-Fit masks

Choose the ideal fit by adjusting one or more of the multiple adjustment points. The forehead support and masks frame attach to four masks points around the face, while the slim, grey strap found at the crown of the head adjusts to prevent the masks from sliding in different directions.

After the masks is comfortably positioned, the fit can be maintained even when removing the masks. Two masks clips found on either side of the base of the frame unhook from the small rods for an easy release.

Eco-Friendly Noise Reduction

A small, grey diffuser is found on the top of the masks elbow. The fibrous fabric is eco-friendly and serves to quiet the device as air releases from the masks. This part is replaceable and can be changed out to aid the longevity of the Eson 2 masks.

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