Understanding the Different Types of CPAP Devices Toronto

Understanding the Different Types of CPAP Devices Toronto

There are different types of CPAP devices Toronto available on the market and if you have just received a diagnosis of sleep apnea, you may not know which one would be best for you. There are both similarities and differences from one machine to another along with new vocabulary terms that you may not be familiar with. Some of these terms may include the following:

  • CPAP
  • BiPAP
  • APAP

These terms refer to the different types of airway pressures used by the machines. The term CPAP refers to continuous positive airway pressure, BiPAP stands for bilevel positive airway pressure and APAP refers to automatic positive airway pressure. These different types of pressures are available on various machines but they are all used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The CPAP devices Toronto that use these airway pressures all require tubing along with a CPAP mask to send filtered air with a pressurized flow through your airways. This therapy ensures that your airways always remain open.

Sleep Apnea Machines in Toronto

Here is a rundown of the 3 varieties of sleep apnea machines in Toronto that are available for CPAP therapy: 

CPAP – Once you’ve been officially diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, your doctor will prescribe one of the sleep apnea machines Toronto for you. In the majority of cases your physician will prescribe a CPAP machine to help treat your sleep apnea. He will also tell you the exact setting of air pressure that you will need to ensure the best results from the therapy. 

A constant flow of air is sent through your air passages and this flow remains consistent during the night based on the air pressure setting recommended by your doctor. This air pressure setting gives you the assistance you need to keep your airways open. You will inhale using this setting and will also exhale with the same setting. 

BiPAP – A BiPAP machine will give you a bilevel positive airway pressure while you are sleeping. These sleep apnea machines Toronto are different from the CPAP machines since they provide 2 different levels of airway pressure. When you are using the equipment, you will exhale with one pressure and inhale with another. BiPAP sleep apnea machines are usually only prescribed to people that are suffering from severe obstructive sleep apnea. With these 2 different pressures being used, it is much easier for the air to cycle into the lungs and then back out again.

APAP – An APAP machine uses a range of preset pressures. This is an automated machine that adjusts the pressure based on your breathing. Some people report that the APAP machines they were using were more comfortable than standard CPAP machines. It is important to note, however, that the majority of individuals that use CPAP machines Toronto are totally comfortable using them.

Advantages of Using Automated Pressure

An APAP device makes use of computer algorithms to decide the exact amount of air pressure that would be best for you while you’re sleeping. There are different variables taken into account for the algorithm such as any changes in your breathing or sleeping position. You may prefer using APAP therapy versus CPAP therapy if you have variable breathing patterns at different times during the night. You may find that it feels like you are breathing more naturally when using this air pressure method.

An APAP machine can also be used like a CPAP machine with one single air pressure set for the entire night. On the other hand, however, a CPAP machine cannot be used like an APAP machine. CPAP devices Toronto can only hold one setting at a time. While an APAP machine may cost more initially, it will give you more flexibility in the long run.

When you’re first prescribed a CPAP machine ask your doctor about APAP therapy while you’re there. In many cases he may tell you that you have the option of using one of the other. Keep in mind though that you should listen to your physician’s advice regarding the best type of machine for you whether you are told that you need a CPAP, an APAP or a BiPAP machine for your sleep apnea therapy.

More about BiPAP Machines

In some cases a person may have breathing difficulties which makes it harder to exhale when faced with a high air pressure. Some of the conditions that may indicate the use of a BiPAP machine versus a CPAP machine include the following:

When exhaling is difficult with the pressure setting that has been determined for inhaling, a different setting will be required. Your doctor will let you know if you require a BiPAP machine based on your sleep apnea diagnosis and the related cause of it. If you have severe obstructive sleep apnea and you need a high setting to help you breathe in and to ensure that your airways remain open, it may be difficult to exhale against this high pressure.

When you can’t exhale enough carbon dioxide it can inhibit you from inhaling the right amount of oxygen. This allows the carbon dioxide to build up in your body and can even lead to organ damage. The gas levels in your blood will be affected, which can lead to many serious health consequences. Along with these major issues, you may also find that you tend to wake up more often during the night and don’t feel as refreshed the next day.

Your Trusted CPAP Canada Store

In most cases a person will be prescribed CPAP treatment as the first course of treatment. These CPAP machines have been designed to provide a comfortable night’s sleep and most people get used to them after a few short days. No matter what type of machine you have been prescribed by your doctor, please visit our website now at cpapdepot.ca to see the wide variety of CPAP Canada machines we carry.

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