Tips to Help Get Used to CPAP Therapy Toronto as a Beginner

Tips to Help Get Used to CPAP Therapy Toronto as a Beginner

If you’re new to the world of CPAP therapy Toronto you may not know what to expect as a beginner. You probably have any questions that you need answered as you work towards adjusting to a brand-new routine. CPAP therapy Toronto involves using a mask when sleeping and getting used to breathing air that has been highly pressurized.

If you’re finding that you are struggling getting used to this type of therapy, rest assured that you’re not alone. It does take some getting used to but remember that the benefits are well worth it. Many people feel more energized and less sleepy as a result of CPAP therapy Toronto. In order to help you get through the adjustment phase, here are some tips you can use that you’ll find useful.

Get Accustomed to Wearing Your Mask

At the beginning your mask may feel like you have a foreign object on your face. This is true with anything that is new and it is just a matter of getting used to the feeling. It’s not necessarily a bad feeling, just a new one. The best way to do this is to wear your mask for a short amount of time while you’re awake. Sit back, relax and watch a TV show with your mask on. After a while, you won’t even notice it any longer.

Some people find that they tend to take off their mask during the night when they are sleeping. This can hinder the results of CPAP therapy Toronto. The faster you can get used to the different kind of feeling on your face, the sooner this phase of adjustment will pass. You’ll find that you will be able to sleep through the night easily and will wake up with your mask still on in the morning.

Don’t Skip a Night of CPAP Treatment Toronto 

At the beginning you may feel like you want to ease into things by skipping your CPAP Treatment Toronto for a night or two. You may think that this will help you get used to the therapy by easing into it slowly. Most people, on the other hand, find that just using the machine is the fastest way to get accustomed to the new sleeping habit. It’s just a matter of breaking it in so that you find it more comfortable to wear at night. The fastest way to break it in is to wear your mask and use your CPAP treatment Toronto machine faithfully every night.

Skipping your CPAP therapy Toronto sessions will prolong the period of adjustment and you’ll find it more difficult and longer to get accustomed to this new equipment. Keep your eyes on the mountain in terms of all the benefits you’ll receive. A good way to remember is to break down the list of benefits that you can expect from CPAP treatment Toronto and tape it to your machine. Then, every day when you turn it on, you’ll remember why you are doing this therapy.

Take out the Right Equipment

When you have sleep apnea you need to make sure that you choose the right equipment. It’s important to find the most comfortable mask that will work for you. The mask you choose should fit your face well and be designed for the type of sleeper you are. Take into account whether you are a side sleeper or prefer to sleep on your back or stomach. When it’s time to pick out the mask, a consultant at CPAP Machine Store can tell you more about the various options available. They can also let you know what type of mask would be recommended based on your facial features.

Consider the Noise Level of CPAP Machines Toronto

If you’re the type of person that gets bothered by noise at night you’ll want to take into account the different noise levels of CPAP machines Toronto. In order to test whether or not the noise may affect your sleep, turn on something that generates white noise such as a digital radio station. The sound that you hear will be similar to the sound emanating from CPAP machines Toronto. Go to sleep and see how or if your sleep was affected by this white noise.

CPAP machines Toronto emit different noise levels so if you find that the white noise was disturbing your sleep, ask a consultant to recommend a sleep apnea machine that is quieter than the others. When you know the answer to this specific question about the noise level, you’ll have better odds of choosing the right equipment that will work best for you right from the start.

Start a CPAP Machine Routine on Day 1

As soon as you get your new CPAP device it’s time to start creating a daily routine for both using it and cleaning it. CPAP machines Toronto need to be cleaned first thing in the morning after use during the night. This must be done faithfully in order to prevent any germs and debris from getting into the machine. It will take longer to clean your machine at the beginning as you are getting used to it but after a couple of days you’ll find that it only takes a few minutes at the most to get it completely cleaned.

Put this regimen into place right at the beginning and make sure that you stick to it. At night, all you’ll need to do is fill up the humidifier with water and then turn it on. If you have a regular single pressure machine for your CPAP therapy Toronto it will be preset with the prescribed pressure so you don’t have to worry about adjusting any of the settings. If you have been prescribed an auto-adjusting CPAP device it will adjust automatically according to your breathing at night.

Use these helpful CPAP treatment Toronto tips to help you get used to CPAP machines Toronto as quickly and as easily as possible. Browse through our website at to see the selection of CPAP devices available and the wide range of CPAP masks we carry. You can also feel free to call us at any time to talk to a CPAP machine specialist to get your questions answered.

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