Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your CPAP Therapy Toronto

Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your CPAP Therapy Toronto

Sometimes it can be difficult getting used to a CPAP machine, especially at the beginning. There can be challenges along the way but there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Once you get used to it, wearing a mask to bed will just become a part of your sleeping habit and you’ll be comfortable. In order to help you make the most of your CPAP therapy in Toronto, here are some tips you can use so that you get used to wearing a mask as quickly as possible.

Wear It Often

When you first get your CPAP machine and the accessories for you should use it as often as possible to get used to it. At first, it may feel weird but then the more you wear the mask the more it will become much more comfortable and acceptable. Use the mask during the day instead of putting it on only right before bedtime. Put on the mask when you’re watching your favourite TV show or reading a good book.

You will find that when you are doing something relaxing and enjoyable that you will forget that you are wearing a mask and will be more able to accept it as a part of your everyday life. The sooner you become accustomed to wearing the mask, the sooner it won’t feel as uncomfortable when you’re going to sleep.

Continue to Adjust the Mask

It’s important to understand that you may need to make adjustments to your CPAP mask each night. If you find that the mask is too tight and is leaving some red marks, feel free to loosen it a little bit. You may even find that the fit is too loose and that you need to tighten the mask to make it fit properly. You can tweak the tightness of the mask until you feel comfortable.

The adjustment should be made when you’re lying down and when the machine is turned on. In order to make the fit as accurately as possible, the air pressure needs to be on since the mask may slightly inflate due to the pressure, which helps to create the proper seal.

Try Other CPAP Masks North York

If you have tried adjusting the mask over the course of a week and still find that it is too uncomfortable, you may need to get a different mask. It may be that the mask you own now wasn’t fitted properly for you according to the shape of your face. You can go ahead and try other CPAP masks North York or in the Toronto region to find the perfect one for you. It is quite common for individuals that suffer from sleep apnea to have to try a few masks until they find the perfect one that fits like a glove.

CPAP Machines Toronto Specialists

You can also call a CPAP machines Toronto specialist for helpful tips regarding your comfort level when using CPAP therapy. There may be something that can be done right away to make you feel more comfortable. The specialists have been working with a lot of people and have helpful suggestions that you can put into place to make your sleep more comfortable.

Optimize Your Sleeping Environment

You should have a very comfortable sleeping environment to help you get used to the machine. Make sure that your pillow is offering the right support for your head and that you are sleeping on a good mattress. As well, make sure that the temperature of the room is right for you and is quiet and dark. Avoid drinking any caffeine or alcohol beverages before going to bed to ensure the best night’s sleep possible.

Go to Bed When You Are Tired

If you’re going to bed when you aren’t really tired, you may have a problem falling asleep with or without a mask. Adding a mask into the equation can make it especially hard to get to sleep – especially if your mind is racing. You may end up focusing too much on the machine and the mask, which may be a problem at the beginning when you are first getting used to the CPAP therapy. If it’s time to go to bed and you’re still wide awake, consider doing something relaxing before going to sleep so that you’re good and tired once you lay down.

Use the Built-In CPAP Humidifier

You may find that your throat or your nose becomes too dry if you’re not using the humidifier function on your CPAP machine. The air pressure can create a dry environment if the humidifier isn’t being used and this is especially true if the room is already dry. Humidity is important when it comes to successful CPAP treatments. You can adjust the humidity on your machine and put it at a comfortable level so that you don’t end up with a dry nose or a sore, dry throat. 

Talk to a Friend

There are many people using CPAP machines that can provide you with the support you need at the beginning. You may already know a friend or a family member that has sleep apnea and requires CPAP therapy. Talk to them about how you’re feeling and they can help guide you through the initial phase when you’re first getting used to everything. There are also CPAP forums that you can join and you can also look for a Facebook group devoted to people that have a sleep apnea condition.

You’ll be amazed to see what some positive input can do for your morale. It’s important to realize that you are doing this therapy in order to feel better and that things will improve over time. Once you are used to using the CPAP machine, the masks, and all of the accessories, it will all just become a part of your overall daily life.

If you are currently undergoing CPAP therapy in Toronto or have been newly diagnosed with sleep apnea, please visit our website at We are specialists in CPAP equipment and we are available to answer any questions you may have.

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