How to Clean CPAP Machines

How to Clean CPAP Machines

CPAP machines must be cleaned regularly in order to keep them functioning properly and to prevent any germs from spreading. A clean CPAP device will allow you to breathe clean air when you’re sleeping and reduce the likelihood of you becoming sick due to germs passing into your lungs. It’s important to keep your CPAP supplies, mask and machine clean in order to stay healthy.

CPAP machines must be kept clean to keep bacteria and unwanted germs at bay. If you get a cold or a flu it’s vital to clean all of the equipment every day to reduce the risk of getting sick once again. You certainly don’t want to be breathing in more virus germs when you are sick or after you have recovered. Here are the best ways to keep CPAP machines and accessories clean to help you get the most out of your therapy.

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It’s quite simple to keep the machine itself clean since you’ll only need to wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any debris or dust that may have accumulated on the casing. Make sure that the cloth you use is only damp and not wet. Once you have wiped the casing you should dry it gently using a lint-free towel or paper towel.

CPAP Mask Cleaning

You’ll find it a lot easier to clean your CPAP mask if you dissemble it before starting. Disassemble the elbow and the cushion first before the cleaning process begins. The mask must be cleaned every day following the steps below:

  1. Take off the headgear
  2. Use water and a mild soap to gently wash the headgear
  3. Air dry the headgear
  4. Use a mask wipe or water with a mild soap to clean the interior of the cushion
  5. Use a mask wipe to clean the mask surfaces
  6. Allow the cushion and the mask to air dry

There are mask wipes available for CPAP devices Toronto that disinfect the mask while also removing deposits and debris from it. These wipes are a wise investment since they will not only clean but they will also disinfect the mask after every use.

Cleaning CPAP Accessories and Supplies

The CPAP accessories and supplies must also be cleaned properly every day. Follow the guidelines below for simple cleaning methods that you can use for each type of equipment:

CPAP Tubing

You can use mild soap mixed with water or vinegar and water to clean your CPAP hose. The solution should be run through the entire hose length and you should make sure that the water rinses through the entire length of the tube several times. This can be done by holding the hose at both ends so that they are both facing straight up. Swish the water in a back-and-forth motion and then empty the hose.

You should also invest in a tube brush that will help remove deposits and debris from the inside of the hose. Simply slide the tube brush in a back-and-forth motion along the inside walls of the hose. Rinse the hose thoroughly and then place it on a towel rack to air dry.

How to Clean CPAP Reusable Filters

The filters on your CPAP machine work just the same as regular air filters for cars and furnaces. The filter is important since it removes dirt, pollen and dust and other debris. You should inspect your filter at least once a week to make sure that there isn’t any debris on it. If you see that a buildup of dirt has occurred, these filters can be rinsed out weekly using mild soap and warm water. They should be left to air dry once they have been cleaned.

The manufacturer will provide you with a user guide that will tell you how often your filters should be changed. In most cases they can be used for up to 6 months. Cleaning them regularly will help extend the life expectancy of your filters.

Cleaning the Water Filter for the CPAP Humidifier

It’s important to use distilled water in your humidifier water chamber. Mineral deposits can be left when using regular tap water. As well, if water residue remains in the chamber for too long, mold can start to develop. It’s easy to clean this chamber and it should be done after every use. Simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Remove the chamber.
  2. Empty out all of the water.
  3. Use a mix of water and vinegar or water and mild soap to remove any film that has accumulated.
  4. Rinse well and air dry.
  5. Refill the CPAP humidifier chamber with distilled water.
  6. Place the chamber back in place.

More about Mask Wipes for CPAP Machines

Mask wipes have been specifically designed to be used on CPAP devices Toronto and they are a great investment in your health. Baby wipes can also be used but only if you purchase unscented wipes. Scented baby wipes contain chemicals that can actually damage the CPAP accessories and supplies. As well, you should never use alcohol wipes since it is possible to leave some of the alcohol behind and you may end up breathing in some alcohol fumes.

If you aren’t interested in wiping down your CPAP machine or your equipment with wipes, there are special disinfecting liquids that can be used on your machine and supplies. If you do decide to follow this route, however, only use disinfecting liquids that have been specifically designed for CPAP machines. Never, however, use disinfecting household products on your machine or your supplies! This would be extremely dangerous for your health.

If you have any questions at all regarding the cleaning of CPAP machines or CPAP accessories and supplies, please feel free to get in touch with CPAP Depot by calling our toll-free number at 1-888-715-0817 or fill out the contact form located on our website at We are a leading distributor of CPAP devices Toronto and we have extensive knowledge of the different types of machines, masks and supplies that are currently on the market.

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