Common Issues with CPAP Masks

Common Issues with CPAP Masks

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the answers to common problems that individuals experience with CPAP masks. Fortunately, we are going to address the most common issues to help you get the most therapeutic and comfortable sleep. 

Leaking Sleep Apnea Mask Canada

If you can hear or feel any type of leak coming from your mask, this problem will need to be addressed quickly. Many Canadians experience this problem with their sleep apnea treatments. The air pressure needs to be secure in order to provide effective therapy for your sleep apnea every night.

The air pressure is the thing that keeps your airway open by sending a continual stream of oxygen through it. If the air pressure is compromised from a leak you are not getting effective treatment and if the mask leak is severe, you may not be getting any beneficial effects from your therapy at all. If you haven’t replaced your mask in a while, it may be time to do so.

Bags under the Eyes

If you find that you have been sleeping well but have bags under your eyes, it may be due to the mask cushion. These cushions need to be replaced regularly or else they will start to show signs of wear and tear. If the mask cushion has become worn and is rubbing up against the bottom of your eyes, it can cause these bags. Make sure that you have replaced your mask cushion within the last 6 months.

If the mask isn’t doing its job properly it can also lead to a mask leak, which can affect your therapy significantly. Even though you feel you may be sleeping well, you may not be getting all the therapeutic effects that you would expect.

Another cause of bags under the eyes with CPAP masks is headgear or a mask that is too tight. If your headgear is too big you may find that you need to tighten it more than usual to stop any leaking. If your mask is too tight, it can cause bags below the eyes.

There is also the possibility that your puffy eyes are due to something that is completely unrelated to your CPAP mask. If you have looked at all of the possibilities listed above and there aren’t any that apply to you, it’s time to call up your physician. Let him know about your problem and see what he suggests.

Distressed about the CPAP Therapy

It’s normal to go through a phase where you get somewhat disheartened about the therapy. One of the best things you can do is to remind yourself of all the benefits you are receiving. When you can have a good night’s sleep, you are better able to function in the world the next day.

Concentrate on the positive benefits you are receiving so that you can remember why you are doing this in the first place. Just remember how much the positives outweigh the negatives and think of how different your life would be on a day-to-day basis if you weren’t using this therapy.

Taking off the Mask during the Night

Some people take their masks off when they are sleeping and don’t even realize that they have done it until the morning. This usually occurs when a person is just starting out with the therapy and isn’t used to wearing the mask. This is something that usually that just passes over time but there are a few things you can investigate that may help.

If the mask is not fitting properly, it’s hard to get used to it. If you are taking off your mask unintentionally during your sleep, it may simply mean that this isn’t the right mask for you and you need one that fits better. You may want to try out a few different masks to see if you can find one that feels more comfortable.

You may also want to consider wearing a strap underneath your chin with your mask. This may effectively stop you from removing the mask during the night. Another thing to try is to wear the mask during the day for a few hours. This will help you get used to the overall feeling of wearing a mask so that it doesn’t seem foreign at night.

Your Mask Is Changing Its Shape

Over time, a CPAP mask will change its shape due to regular wear and tear. The mask is coming into contact with skin oils every night and may also come in contact with makeup or skin lotion. As time goes on, the seal of the mask may become compromised and lead to leaks. If you notice that your mask is changing its shape, this is a good indication that it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Problems with Eye Infections

If you are suffering with an eye infection it is possible that there is a leak in the mask and air is blowing up into your eyes. This can irritate the eyes. Try wearing the mask before going to sleep while you’re watching TV or reading a book to see whether you can feel any air going into your eyes. The eye infection may also be due to an unrelated cause.

Dry or Stuffy Nose

If you are experiencing some type of sinus issue such as a stuffy or dry nose when using your CPAP machine, use the inbuilt heated humidifier. This will add more moisture into the air, which will reduce the amount of dryness you are experiencing in your nasal cavity and in your airway. When you use the humidifier you may find that the severity of the problem is decreased or it may go away altogether.

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