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Resmed Swift™ FX Nano Nasal CPAP System

Resmed Swift™ FX Nano Nasal CPAP System

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Features and benefits

  • Light and natural
    Swift FX Nano offers you the lightness of a Swift FX pillows mask with the natural breathing comfort of a Mask.
  • Easily wear glasses
    Swift FX Nano provides you with uninterrupted vision, so you can easily wear glasses to comfortably watch TV or read while on therapy
  • Maintains a comfortable seal
    Swift FX Nano is flexible, so you can sleep in a variety of different positions without affecting the seal.
  • Quiet performance
    Whisper-quiet vents gently distribute air away from you and your bed partner
  • Optional Soft Wraps
    Optional Soft Wraps are provided. They simply wrap around the mask to add a further comfort layer.
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