Respironics Battery Pack – CPAP Battery


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The compact carry case raises portability to a new level so now traveling with your CPAP is more convenient then ever. This is a 12V battery that will power a CPAP machine or any other electrical item that runs on 12 volts, such as a cell phone charger, lighting, portable air compresor, etc.

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The Universal Long Life Rechargeable Battery Pack for CPAP/BiPAP systems is designed to help you get a good night’s sleep. The amount of time the pack will power your system between recharges will vary depending on your specific system, pressure and setup.

Using a heated humidifier while running your CPAP/BiPAP from a battery pack will reduce overall run time.

Features & Specifications:

  • Includes soft side carrying case, AC Charger & DC Power Cord.
  • The battery charger is a 12v, 2.3A switch mode charger designed to effectively charge sealed lead-acid batteries while protecting the batteries from overcharging
  • The battery charger has a universal input of 100-240V AC. This battery pack can not be charged from a 12V DC Power Socket.
  • The battery charger has reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • The battery charger has a multi-colored LED for charging status
  • The battery charger recharges the battery configuration in approximately 10 hours or less, depending on the charge status of the batteries
  • Including bag that holds cords and battery the total pack size is approximately 9x7x7 inches.
  • The battery pack weighs approximately 13lbs
  • The manufacturer recommends that humidifiers only be used in passover mode — not heated — with this battery pack. Using a heated humidifier with the battery pack will significantly reduce run times.
  • For best results batteries should be fully depleted and recharged on a regular basis (every 2-3 months). Batteries should always be stored upright.
  • Batteries should be fully charged before use.

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