Quartz Roller with Gua Sha, Jade Roller for Face – Face Roller:100% Natural Authentic Crystal – Face Massager




  • 100% NATURAL JADE – Anself jade roller is made from 100% original jade which remains smooth on the skin and gives a cooling effect,which contains selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium and more than 30 trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Jadeite has healing energy, which can help balance its inner energy and bring a harmonious sense of balance. Rejuvenate, relieve fatigue and restore vitality with this natural skin therapy.
  • BENEFITS: It helps to improve blood circulation, skin tone, skin elasticity and lymphatic drainage. It also reduces puffiness, wrinkles, darkness under the eyes, and eliminates toxins. It can also be used on your face, neck, back, arms and legs wherever you need to massage and relax.
  • RELIEVE PAIN: The combination of the double roller design of the jade roller and the cool roller type facial massager, the ice roller helps relieve migraine and relieve pain, and the jade roller can shrink pores, prevent wrinkles, anti-ageing and improve skin health. Gua Sha Massage can help to drain lymphatic fluids and toxins.
  • GUA SHA: not only can improve circulation of blood flow, but it also helps the cells in the skin get sufficient nutrition and oxygen, accelerate the metabolism of cells, and maintain the elastic state of your skin
  • IMPROVE MAKEUP & COSMETIC APPLICATION With a Jade Roller – Rolling and sweeping with a rose quartz jade roller for the face creates the ultimate canvas for your clean-beauty routine. Use it immediately after facial treatments, empowering the absorption of your lotions, serums, salves, and masks.

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