Citrus II – CPAP Mask Wipes


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The Citrus II CPAP interface wipes are a convenient solution for removing facial oils and dirt from your sleep apnea supplies. It is recommended to wipe down the cushion seal of your interface daily to provide a good CPAP seal and prevent interface leak. There are no harsh chemicals that will break down the integrity of your interface.



Use daily to safely and gently clean, deodorize and maintain your therapy masks and accessories. Effectively removes build-up of dirt, oils and organic residue. Deodorizes and refreshes while leaving no after-odour. Tubing, headgear, and water chamber should be cleaned every week and machine should be wiped down once every two weeks.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Safe, gentle and convenient to use
  • Will not deteriorate the mask or shorten its life
  • Alcohol and solvent-free

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